We send the goods only on working days, by courier service DHL, PPL, FedEx, DPD or transport ordered by the client.

We try to send the order made before 12:00 on the same day.

Delivery of goods is usually the next working day.

Shipping prices:

when paying in advance to a bank account or payment via Pay-Pal, Pay

- package weight up to 30 kg - CZK 150 (181.50 price from VAT)

- package weight up to 60kg = two packages of 30kg each

- package weight up to 90kg = three packages of 30kg, etc ...

In the case of road barriers and barriers with larger dimensions (especially for U-14 type barriers), we recommend individual contact to agree on the price of transport.

+420 555 508 640

Delivery is usually the next working day.

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